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Transfer of Ownership
Transfer of Hungarian Horse Ownership Checklist

1.) Send all of the following items to the HHAA Registrar: Please send to the address of the current Registrar on the HHAA website 


         a.) Original Registration Certificate: Must be signed & dated by Seller and must include the name and address of the new owner.


         b.) Copy of Bill of Sale: Must be signed and dated by Seller. Purchase contract/agreements do not constitute a Bill of Sale. The sale                                                     of the named horse must be shown to have been completed.


        c.) Transfer Fee: Please include payment and make all payments payable to HHAA. Any payment made out to the Registrar will                                          be returned; delaying your transfer. Please check the HHAA website for the Fee Schedule. All fees must be paid in                                        US dollars.          



Note: Non-member transfer fees are doubled.

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