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Awards Program

To recognize, honor and encourage the exhibition of, competition with, and promotion of

the Hungarian Horses and Ponies owned by HHAA members in good standing. Awards are made

across a variety of disciplines. The competition results are compiled and published annually with

awards being issued early the following calendar year.

Members in good standing with The Hungarian Horse Association of America can participate in two award programs with their HHAA registered Hungarian Horses and Ponies: - USDF All Breeds Awards and the HHAA Awards Program


USDF All Breeds Awards

The Hungarian Horse Association of America is a Participating Organization in the USDF (United State Dressage Federation) All Breeds Award Program. The USDF All Breeds Award Program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in dressage. 


The HHAA pays an annual fee to USDF that allows its members to take part in this All Breeds Awards Program.  Owners of HHAA registered horses who have declared their horses as such to the USDF via the USDF All Breeds Award Program declaration form and who place in their respective divisions and levels in the All Breeds Award Program will be recognized by the USDF and the HHAA.  


Follow this Link to the USDF website for more information and enrollment in the USDF All Breeds Award Program.


HHAA Awards Program

Beginning in 2018 and with the recommendation of the Awards Committee, the HHAA BOD revised and expanded the HHAA Awards program. There are now three divisions:

1. National/International (see below)


2. Local/Schooling/Ride Your Horse (coming in 2020)


3. Pony Club NOW AVAILABLE: Click here for information and sign-up form!



The HHAA offers a variety of awards programs to recognize our Hungarian horses' achievements in United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and Equestrian Canada's (EC) Disciplines. HHAA Awards will be given to HHAA members (horse owner or lessee) in good standing in the divisions of each discipline as calculated and awarded by the affiliate organization.

Before each competition year end (November 1), each participant will complete the HHAA Awards Declaration Form (click here) to aid HHAA in identifying the discipline/affiliated organization/division that the HHAA member is competing in. For questions contact Val Siverston at 360-832-3885 or email at




  COMBINED DRIVING: American Driving Society


  DRESSAGE: United States Dressage Federation


   ENDURANCE:American Endurance Ride Conference


   EVENTING:United States Eventing Association


   JUMPING:United States Hunter Jumper Association


   PARA-EQUESTRIAN:United States Para- Equestrian Association


   REINING:USA Reining


   HUNTER:United States Hunter Jumper Association


   HUNT/JUMPING SEAT EQUITATION:United States Hunter Jumper Association.


   WESTERN DRESSAGE: Western Dressage Association of America





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