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Registration Guidelines
To insure a smooth and timely completion of your HHAA registration, a handy checklist of guidelines is provided below.  Remember HHAA membership is optional but members save 50% on all HHAA fees.
HHAA Registration Procedure (revised 12/5/2017)


To insure a smooth and timely completion of your registration, please follow the order of the steps below. All HHAA forms are either fully online or fillable/printable online, with the exception of the Registration Application, which is partially fillable. 

~ Note to Apple Users: you may need to download PDF forms to your viewer.

Questions? Contact the HHAA Registrar Petra Mann at Send Registrations to Petra Mann at 11805 SW Cemetery Rd., Vashon, WA, 98070.

1) Membership​

~ If you are not currently an HHAA member, complete the online Membership Application and use PayPal or any credit card to process your payment. You also may fill and print the PDF membership application and submit with payment.  Make checks in US dollars payable to HHAA. 

~ Note: HHAA membership is optional, however members receive a 50% discount of all HHAA fees.

2) DNA

~ Complete the fillable DNA Form, and submit with hair sample and payment directly to Texas A & M at the address on the form.

3) Registration

a)  Complete the front and back of the HHAA Registration Application

b)  Color Photos:  front, back, left side, right side, face.  Be sure and include clear views of all white markings on legs and feet plus a clear view of facial markings.  Include additional close up views of unusual markings, whorls or brands. 

~ All photos must include name of sire and dam, date of birth and name of owner.

c)  Breeding Certificate:  Provide a completed Breeding Certificate, signed by stallion owner or agent/broker (in the case of frozen semen), including breeding dates and method.

d) Sire and Dam: include a copy of sire's and dam's registration papers. 

~ If the dam or sire is an approved outcross, a copy of his/her registration certificate should be furnished, verifying the following information:

1) Name of recorded owner at time of breeding

2) Sire’s & Dam’s date of birth, color, breed and registration number

3) Sire’s or Dam’s five generation pedigree from his/her respective registry or an approved source.  Hand written or farm generated pedigrees will not be accepted.

4) Photo of sire or dam, from side including fee

e) Name of Horse: when choosing a name, do NOT add a prefix ( H, HS, HPB, HRP) before the name.  This prefix will be determined according to the Breeders Guidelines and added at time of registration by the Registrar.

4) Payment

All appropriate fees must be paid in full online or submitted with applications/forms.

~ Make payment to HHAA in US dollars for: Membership, Registrations and Transfers

~ Make payment directly to Texas A&M for: DNA

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