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Welcome to the HHAA


Founded in 1966, the Hungarian Horse Association of America is the official registry and governing body for the Hungarian Horse.  Our purpose is to record lineage, provide member services and encourage further development of the breed.
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Our Purpose


The Articles of Incorporation provide that the specific and primary purpose for which this corporation is formed is to record the lineage of Hungarian Kisber-type Horses  & the crosses thereof, govern such infusion of other genetic material as needed and approved by the Association, encourage further improvement of the breed, and promote the interests of the breed.  (REVISED 1/28/19 Breeders ‘Board)

Our Vision

As we look ahead to a period of member growth and increased horse registration, HHAA is committed to promoting and preserving the Hungarian horse and our brand. While preserving the foundational characteristics unique to Hungarian Horses, we remain committed to breeding for today’s riders and disciplines.

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